The intellect asserts that 'perfect harmony' derives from the interaction of opposites.

Life moves and improves due to this interaction, above all else.

Design, like life; uses every interactive opposite to create movement

from material to form, from style to method.

Only with this movement, emotional balance and spatial integrity can be achieved.

Istanbul, the city harboring the interaction of all the opposites;

the old and the new, the good and the bad, and all the contradictory passions of the soul, possesses this magnificent harmony that ravishes the world.

Kontra, deriving from this source of inspiration,

seizes the essence and the spirit of this perfect harmony with every space and product it designs.

Kontra is an environment think tank where space and ideas are audited, researched, analyzed, created and revolutionized.

Kontra provides consulting for creative ideas and design concepts exclusive to residential and commercial projects. Kontra designs and applies contemporary interiors together with a line of Kontra products to meed the demands of life and space.

Kontra also offers services in

- Branding, Market and Trend Research and Analysis

- Brand Strategy Development and Brand Identity Design

- Design Thinking

- UX Design

- Five senses-oriented Design

- Design Language Analysis and Development

- Parametric Design

- International, Professional Teamwork and Presentation